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Free Again, Inc. is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit corporation and receives no Federal or State funding and depends entirely on donations of time, materials and money from concerned individuals for support.
Contributions are utilized to purchase medical supplies and feed; perform laboratory, diagnostic and surgical procedures; and to help maintain the facilities.


If you live within 30 miles of our facility help as a volunteer. The "baby season" runs from April 1 thru Oct. 30 and always has multiple activities that require help. Tasks with which you could participate include:

  • Feed and care for baby raccoons, opossums, deer, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, coyotes
  • Help restrain injured or ill animals
  • Clean cages and the facility environment.
  • Feed rats and mice and clean their cages
  • Feed raptors: owls, hawks, kestrels, eagles
  • Fill swimming pools for eagles, ducks, geese and raccoons

Contribute Supplies

There are multiple items you may be able to help provide. These items have been popular as youth group scavenger projects and sometimes as payment for programs or tours. Some of the items may be extra things you have just lying about. Please check the list.

Give a sponsor Certificate

A popular holiday gift although appropriate any time of the year is a Free Again Sponsorship certificate. You or your recipient will receive a certificate with the animal sponsored along with a brief natural history of the species. It comes in a nice folder easily hangable or can be set on a desktop or dresser.
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Supply List
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